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Welcome to Changing the Climate, the podcast that explores everyday issues through the lens of climate change. I am your host, Richard Bednarski, and I invite you to join me as I dive into the issues and seek solutions while examining the science behind climate change.

Episode One - Good Fire
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I speak with Craig Tucker, a natural resources consultant for the Karuk tribe in Northern California. He has worked alongside them for over 20 years, focusing on restoring the health of the Klamath River. However, as the fire crisis has become more severe, the Karuk asked him to switch gears and help with the policy work around fire. He talks about the idea of Good Fire, or cultural burning and what hurdles prevent the reintroduction of fire and how the fire crisis has become a social justice issue.

Episode Three - Ecology of a
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I speak with Plumas National Forest Fire Ecologist, Kyle Merriam at length about fire ecology and some of her research. She found that high severity fires have a greater chance at burning again, at high severity within six to ten years.

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With a background in Anthropology and Photography, I am about to complete my Master’s Degree in Media Innovation. My goal is to  illustrate the #ClimateCrisis through visual, writing and audio storytelling. Photography is a lifelong passion of mine. Now as I finalize my graduate schooling, I am leaning more on audio storytelling as a tool to tell impactful stories. I draw from my experiences working as an archaeologist across the country, in kitchens as a cook, and a father of two in order to connect with communities. During my graduate studies. If you like my stories please consider a small donation to help fund my storytelling.